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  • The Custom design plan " The Mini Collection *  " exists of :


    - 1 unique EXCLUSIVE MINI COLLECTION of 6 custom seamless repeat prints
     designed by @evacatharinadeweerdt >>>The collection contains 1 hero print, 2 secondary prints & 3 blender prints and is therefore a 6 piece collection .

    - custom design by using Pinterest moodboard

    - delivered in requested format:

    RGB - 12 x 12 inch - JPEG

    - adjustment scale of the 6 prints

    - 2 small correction rounds / print


    What "level of complexity" option do I choose?


    > simple repeat pattern: 1 - 2  motifs within the seamless pattern, minimal details,  simple layout, max 4 colors 

    > complex repeat pattern: 3 - 8 motifs, more complex layout, more details , max 8 colors  

    > sophisticated repeat pattern: complex (floral) patterns with more than 8 motifs & more than 8 colors, more details and more complex layout  (for example: complex florals, landscapes , toile de jouy, ... ) 




    - after a loose (online) chat

    - a moodboard created by you

    - brainstorming + sketches by the designer


    ** Please , leave all your details (email-adress , phonenumber, name,...), so I can contact you for planning a first (online) meeting. Can't wait to listen to your story and to create all the beauty in one or more designs for your brand.


    *** As soon as the fashion label owner has completed the purchase of this customised design plan, based on full payment, the designer commits herself to the promise and realisation of the item(s) described in this plan.








    6 Custom Seamless Pattern Files in a Mini Collection.

    1.950,00 €Price
    Excluding Tax
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